Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Eggs and Pink Paint, or When did driving become a Multi tasking event?

I understand the desire to perform wanton destruction to things. I too was once a teenage hoodlum causing havoc to those around me. One thing that I never did was egg a car. I don?t know if I hold cars with enough respect to not throw eggs at them. I woke up yesterday morning to find around 7 eggs all down the side of my car. This is something that I do not understand. Why someone would want to throw and egg at a car is beyond my comprehension. I did feel lucky today though as a coworker of mine got a call from his neighbor to ask if anything happened to his car. Apparently someone spray painted snitch on the side of his white SUV in pink spray paint. I guess in the long run a handful of eggs down the side of my car beats a little paint.

The second thing I don?t understand is when did driving become a secondary activity when sitting in the drive seat of a car? I have about a 15m minute drive from home to work. I can not believe how many things I see people doing instead of driving their cars on the freeway. People lets think about this, you are traveling around 65-70 Miles Per Hour. If you were to hit a wall because you were distracted doing something you could be killed, or worse yet hit someone else and kill them. As I tried to merge onto the freeway yesterday after work there was a car that was going slower than the average speed of traffic. This was making it hard to get over onto the freeway. I slowed and merged behind the car, and then tried to speed up to the flow of traffic. This lady that was driving the car was trying to light a cigarette, talk on her phone, and drive. I couldn?t believe that she would try to drive and do this as well. The car in the next lane that I was trying to speed up in was also going very slow. As I passed this SUV the driver was doing a crossword puzzle in a book. I was flabbergasted. Why would you think that this would be ok to do why driving? I just don?t understand. So everyone, lets put down the phone, book, or whatever your distraction is and drive your car. Just try to enjoy the drive. Listen to your car, feel the road. I am sure you will find the enjoyment of the drive it you try.