Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Halloween town 2012

Soit’s about that time that I should give a yearly update. I thought that withHalloween coming up I would talk about that. Buglet is picking things to dressup as that people will just not know. It seems to go in waves. Here are acouple of the costumes that she has picked in the past. The first time that shepicked something she wanted to be Tim Noah.Who is that you ask well he had a stage play in the 80’s called In Search of the wow wowwibble woggle wazzie woodle woo! I will say that her costume was prettycute since she went as the safari guy from his play. She was also the MadHatter one year, which was great since we went to Disneyland and could get herthe hat right there. We also did the trick or treat in the park which was sweet!Last year she decided that she would be Rapunzel from Rapunzel’srevenge, which is one of her favorite graphic novels. Of course nobody knewwho she was exactly and they just guessed a cowgirl.
          All of this is fine as she has always knownwho she was and been happy with the costumes that we have made for her. What amI leading up to here? Yes her choice of costume for 2012. She wants to be Jem.Yes that Jem from Jem and the Holograms. For those of you who grew up in the 80’syou know just how sweet that show was.
So here itgoes, Time to get to work on another costume. She asked if I could make her aJem necklace and earrings from the show so I thought that I would put a wip ofthose up here. As I can sneak shots of the dress that my angel is making forher I will put those up as well. So on with the pics!

 First thing that I did was to create a blank of the logo in procreate. I had some pictures of this but was having a doh moment and did not check to see if the came out and you can't see anything in them. 

After baking them I sketched out the log and carved them out. 

Using some Dragon Skin 10 silicon rubber I made a mold of the carving. 

After letting it cure for an appropriate amount of time I removed the carving. I can safely say that this did not fair as well as I hope. Good thing they are all big pieces incase I need to make another mold.

Quick shot of the mold, yes those are early versions of he earrings on the left here.

Next I used Smooth Cast 320 to fill the mold.

After demolding it was pretty rough and way to thick. I am going to have to make another cast, but I am pretty happy with the way it came out. I did a little clean up with this one and it is not to bad. 

I will put up more shots of the next attempt