Tuesday, October 21, 2008

oh my gosh it's halloween time


Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh yes I have started to paint little men (?),(?)

So quickly I just wanted to through up some shots of how far I have fallen into the realm of nerdom. I have started to play table top games. and I love it !! I am playing a game called Warhammer 40K. My great friend Jake has decided to pull me into this world of minis. For those who do not know Jake he is the husband of Bree's best friend Megan. So Megan's dad has been playin table top games with his buddies for nigh on 30 years or ther abouts. I have a great deal of distance to go to get to the level of painting that Lynn (Megan's dad) is at, but I will get there on day. Maybe 30 years from now. But I have finished some of my figures and am proud enough of them to show them here.

Wow time flys when you don't have any

Jeez time flies right on by when you don't have time to think. So many crazy things have happened since I last wrote on here. I guess the biggest thing is that I got a Promotion to lead. No big news here for most of you. This was a couple of months ago. I moved to a day shift at work, which is nice because I am home with Caity and Bree at night. I am not a morning person so that has been a bit of a challenge for me. I will survive I think. The crazy thing is that the Supervisor that I was working with jut got a promotion himself so I am now doing most of his job as well as mine. Life has been crazy. One cool thing that I was able to do is go to Chicago for eBay Live. A giant convention full of people who love eBay so much that they flock to a convention center for 3 days to learn all thing eBay. I worked here helping sellers better there listings and business strategies. It was a lot of fun! I think the greatest thing that I got to do while I was there is eat. Yes I know what you are thinking. The greatest thing is eat??!? Chicago has the best food that I have ever eaten. Yes I did have a slice of pizza why I was there but I am talking about little dinners, Chinese food that was so good I am salivating right now think about it. The only food that even comes close to this is Bree's cooking. The beef noodle bowl that she made tonight was every bit as good as what I had there.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Men of God

As you can see I am developing a pattern here when I post. It takes me awhile to get anything put up here. I guess that is because I just never really know what I want to say. It seems like my thoughts are always so random and misplaced. When I sat to write this post I knew what I wanted to talk about and even now I am not sure how to put it into words. I was just able to read an email that was sent by my cousin who is serving in Iraq. While I have not had to face the same obstacles that he is going through, and we have not stayed in contact as well as I would like to have (This sadly is mainly my fault). I can not help but to feel closer to him after reading that letter than I have in many many years.

I can understand the desire that one has to stand as a “Man of God”. I try to strive and reach for this as much as I possibly can in my life. I know that I can not do this on my own, and it is God that will help to lift me the rest of the way to reach this goal. There are a couple of things that I would like to share with those who are reading this. They come from Jeremy’s letter so I hope that he can forgive me for not getting his permission before hand, but I think that the way that he has worded these comes straight from the lord.

The first thing is understanding what a man is:

“It is really an easy task to be a man. It only requires you to do as you
are asked; to be obedient. I have come to understand that a man is one
who honors his oaths. There is a lot to be said and seen in how much an
oath meant to Nephi and his brethren when Zoram offered them his oath in
the Book of Mormon. These were men; they honored their commitments and
their oaths.”

This could not be stated any better! Another part of his letter that I would like to share.

“I want to give me life over to the Lord, I want to go where he would
have me go and do as he would have me do. I know that this is the only
way to happiness. I now see that this is my purpose and direction. I
think I have wandered my whole life with no real destination. I want to
go home, the home I had before my birth. I want to be able to return
there having found the treasure. This is where happiness can be found,
and to get there I must be a man, not as the world would have me believe
a man is, but as a man of God.”

I read this and could not help but cry. I to would like to turn my life over to the lord to return to him. I know that with his help I will be able to return and stand before my father to feel his eternal love as a true “Man of God”.

Jeremy I hope that you are able to read this post. I hope that you don’t mind that I quoted your email, but there is no way that I would have been better able to say what you have. I pray that God may continue to watch over you and protect you until you return to your family and loved ones here.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

They always happen in three

After my last post you will all be expecting something remotely deep here. Sorry that only happens once in a while late at night. As you know our cars motor hit the pooper. But Remember bad things always come in threes. So Bree's vacuum has been acting up so we took it in to get fixed. Nope over $200 to get everything repaired, and that was if both bearings in the motor were not shot. So looks like time for a new vacuum. Now time for the third. The T.V. *GASP* yes the T.V. while Bree was cleaning she moved the t.v. in our room, which fell and broke. I will say that this is not a super big deal is it was the one in our room and her and Caitlyn did not get hurt (biggest thing of all!!). but still thats the third. So hopefully our bad luck is over for a little bit but we will need to cross our fingers hope for the best anyway.

Monday, January 14, 2008

That crazy accident that is life !!

As I sit here and ponder the meaning of life and where we should all be heading my mind started to wander. To those of you who know me you understand that this is a common occurrence when my brain just”Turns off”. Then I snap back into reality and continue on. Have you ever noticed how just when things are starting to run smooth in your life, BANG you run right into a brick wall. I just don’t understand that. Why is it life that? You think to yourself man things are finally starting to go my way, then you are t-boned by that giant semi truck that is real life. You start to look around see everyone else and think” Dang they get all the luck.” The funny thing about that is that they are most likely in the same spot as you are. Everyone has those days when they get in that fender bender with that big trucker that is not looking where he is going. Some of us just seem to be in his way more often than not. You just have to remember who is in control and where you can turn.