Tuesday, January 29, 2008

They always happen in three

After my last post you will all be expecting something remotely deep here. Sorry that only happens once in a while late at night. As you know our cars motor hit the pooper. But Remember bad things always come in threes. So Bree's vacuum has been acting up so we took it in to get fixed. Nope over $200 to get everything repaired, and that was if both bearings in the motor were not shot. So looks like time for a new vacuum. Now time for the third. The T.V. *GASP* yes the T.V. while Bree was cleaning she moved the t.v. in our room, which fell and broke. I will say that this is not a super big deal is it was the one in our room and her and Caitlyn did not get hurt (biggest thing of all!!). but still thats the third. So hopefully our bad luck is over for a little bit but we will need to cross our fingers hope for the best anyway.


Aubrey said...

Sorry I broke your TV Rooster, so sorry! But remember that nice flat screen we are going to get . . . remember? You forgive me now right? I am glad for the new post, bad luck comes in three's and we have done our duty to them, so let us look forward to this new year with no more three's ahead of us! That is unless I decide to deep clean the art room....look out computers!

Heather said...

yikes, that stinks. Too much tv is bad for you anyways, lol. It's about time you got a new post up btw.